From improving cochlear implants for hearing-impaired babies to improving deep brain stimulation therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease: a recent interview with our Chief Technology Officer, Prof Hugh McDermott, by the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers covers the latest in what we’re aiming to achieve at the Bionics Institute.

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Our research has always concentrated on clinical and commercial advances that can make a genuine difference to the lives of real people. Made up of researchers across a number of disciplines, our team works together to make new discoveries in bionic hearing, bionic vision and neurobionics, and to educate the relevant people on these advances.

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The Bionics Institute is at the forefront of developing prototype medical bionic devices and related surgical tools rapidly and to exacting standards. Our contract scientists and engineers lead the world in safety and efficacy testing of a vast range of implantable devices and materials.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, we're funded substantially by contributions from the community. Which means every breakthrough we make, is really thanks to you.

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Baby brain scans hold hearing clues.  Find out more...

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