Three specialised electrode fabrication laboratories

• Parylene coater

• CO2 laser cutter

Microscope at bionics lab

• Plasma cleaner
Mechanical engineering workshop

• 3D printers

• 3D scanners

• Circuit board milling machine

• 4 axis milling machine

facilities and equipments at bionics
Bionics lab

Specialised preclinical laboratories

• Three Faraday rooms

• Extensive wet lab area (PC2, histology, tissue culture)

• Surgical microscopes

• Zeiss axioscope fluorescent microscope
Specialised clinical auditory booths

• Audiometer

• Tympanometer

• Equipment for testing speech understanding

• 64-channel EEG measurement system

• 32-optode fNIRS imaging system

• Specialist psychophysics systems for acoustic hearing and
cochlear implants

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