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Interested in discovering more about the Bionics Institute and how you can support our research?

Our fundraisers and Ambassadors are fundamental to supporting our research.

Get involved by raising awareness about bionics research through your club, school or workplace. We can organise an inspirational speaker from The Bionics Institute come and present to your group.

The Bionics Institute has a dedicated team of Ambassadors (volunteers who are Cochlear Implant recipients or parents of children with Cochlear Implants) who are passionate and keen to share their story with you and tell you more about the vital biomedical research being done by The Bionics Institute.


Why we need you

Australian health and medical research is world-class, with successes such as the cochlear implant, Gardasil vaccine, and 'spray-on skin', to name just a few.

However, Australia's funding of health research and development lags behind many other western nations.  

With NHMRC government grant success rates falling below 14.9 %, there is a greater need for additional funding including philanthropic contributions. 

How you can help

There are many ways you can support the Bionics Institute.

Our volunteer ambassadors love to share their stories of how the Cochlear Implant has changed their lives, or their children’s lives.They are available to speak at your community club or group meeting. Meet some of these amazing people whose lives have been changed by medical bionics and listen to their story.

Secondary school students can get involved by having a free dress day with a gold coin donation for the Instutute. 

If you have a cochlear implant or other bionic device, you can share your life-changing story of medical bionics by becoming an Ambassador.You can also register your interest to participate in our hearing research.

To book an Ambassador speaker for your school, group, or club, please complete this form and send it to pr@bionicsinstitute.org or call 03 9667 7507.


Know more about the Federal Government's proposed Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

The MRFF is an organisation that represents Medical Research Institutes across the nation with an opportunity to effectively double the annual investment in health and medical research over the next decade.

The more support shown from across the community (researchers, healthcare providers, patients, people from the community) the better. Visit the MRFF Action Group campaign website for details of how you can help.




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