Medical Bionics Conference

4th International Conference on Medical Bionics: Convergence science delivering clinical solutions

                                 Sunday 20 – Wednesday 23 November, 2016

                                 University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

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The Medical Bionics Conference series, hosted by the Bionics Institute, is designed to promote the field of medical bionics and provide a forum for information exchange, networking, and the mentoring of students.

The ultimate aim of this meeting is to contribute to the development of new, safe, and effective devices for clinical application.

Over three days in November 2016, sessions were dedicated to a diverse range of topics including the challenges of commercialising new medical technologies so they are delivered to the hands of clinicians and patients, the rapidly growing field of peripheral nerve stimulation to treat visceral organ dysfunction, and new materials for devices that interface with human tissue. Delegates also heard about the ongoing developments and improvements of bionic devices for the treatment of deafness, blindness, and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as new and emerging disciplines that will help shape the emergence of future bionic technologies.


Since 2008 the Bionics Institute has brought together the preeminent scientific, engineering and medical researchers in the development of bionic devices. The Medical Bionics Conference has attracted speakers and delegates from across the globe and has provided a forum for information exchange, networking and the mentoring of students.

Beyond bionic hearing, vision and brain stimulation devices – for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, attendees discuss advancements in the use of the brain to operate artificial limbs. The conference represents the unique approach that the collaboration between science, engineering and clinicians bring to the solution of many health problems.

In November 2008, we hosted our first international Medical Bionics Conference: “Medical Bionics – a new paradigm in human health”. In November 2011, our conference with the theme “Neural interfaces for damaged nerves”, attracted over 170 international and local scientists, engineers, clinicians and industry representatives. On the basis of the positive feedback we received, we held the next conference two years later in 2013.

The third international conference on Medical Bionics, with the theme “Engineering solutions for neural disorders”, was held from November 17 – 20, 2013, at the Silverwater Resort, Phillip Island, Victoria with great success.

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