Celebrating the cochlear implant

A premier international acoustics conference, held last week in Pittsburgh USA, included a day of presentations to celebrate the modern cochlear implant and some of the many individuals who made it possible. Prof Colette McKay, the Institute’s Translational Hearing Research leader, was the only scientist from Melbourne invited to speak at this special session.

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The recipients of the Russ Prize (2015) were celebrated for their contribution to the modern cochlear implant.

The Acoustical Society of America’s Spring 2015 meeting included the day session entitled, ‘Celebrating the modern cochlear implant and the first substantial restoration of a human sense using a medical intervention.’

This session highlighted recent advancements in hearing device research, and was held in honour of some of the many individuals who made the modern multichannel cochlear implant possible. These include the recent recipients of the prestigious Lasker DeBakey Prize (2013) and/or the Russ Prize (2014): Profs Graeme Clark (Director Emeritus, Bionics Institute), Blake Wilson, Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer, Erwin Hochmair, and Michael Merzenich.

On May 19th Professor Colette McKay spoke on ‘Inserting the speech signal above the cochlea: how can this work?” This presentation reflected on her research and interest in auditory brainstem and midbrain implants as a means of restoring hearing for those who cannot benefit from a cochlear implant.

Colette is funded by a veski senior innovation fellowship (Victorian State Government) and her presentation was highlighted in veski’s July highlights.

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