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Mohit Shivdasani

PhD, MEng (Biomedical), BEng (Biomedical)

Senior Research Fellow, Bionics Institute

P: +61 3 9667 7569 
F: +61 3 9667 7542 

Dr Shivdasani arrived from India in 2003 to pursue a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at La Trobe University. He was subsequently offered a scholarship to undertake a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience which he completed in 2009. Dr Shivdasani’s PhD successfully introduced for the first time in Australia, multichannel electrophysiological recording techniques to study neural activity in response to micro-stimulation of the auditory brain.  He then took up a postdoctoral Research Fellow position at the Bionics Institute to apply these techniques to other systems, in particular the visual system.

Since 2009, Dr Shivdasani has been part of a multi-disciplinary team whose research is focused on developing a bionic eye for vision restoration in blind humans through a $50m federally funded grant awarded to Bionic Vision Australia. Dr Shivdasani's own research at the Bionics institute has played a major role in this project since the beginning, and his unique preclinical electrophysiology experiments helped to design and develop Australia's first bionic eye which was successfully implanted in three patients in 2012. Subsequently, he became part of the team performing carefully controlled psychophysical experiments in the implanted patients, and testing strategies to help patients use their implant to its full capability and improve the level of vision attainable.

Dr Shivdasani has published 39 papers including 13 as first or senior author in prestigious international journals and has won 10 awards including the 2006 Young Biomedical Engineer of the Year Award presented by Engineers Australia. He is also an inventor on two patents describing novel stimulation strategies for cochlear and retinal implants. In 2013, he became a recipient of a New Investigator Project grant ($359,501) awarded by the NHMRC. He has also supervised several PhD and Master’s students to completion at the Institute and has made numerous invited presentations about his research, both professionally and publicly.

Research fields of interest

  • Electrophysiology

  • Electrode design

Research projects


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    Featured on Journal cover page.

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    First clinical publication on bionic eye research from Bionic Vision Australia

  6. Leung RT, Nayagam DA, Williams RA, Allen PJ, Salinas-La Rosa CM, Luu CD, Shivdasani MN, Ayton LN, Basa M, Yeoh J, Saunders AL, Shepherd RK and Williams CE (2014). Safety and efficacy of explanting or replacing suprachoroidal electrode arrays in a feline model. Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology (In Press – 5th September 2014).

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