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The Bionics Institute is an independent medical research institute, affiliated with the University of Melbourne, undertaking world-class medical bionics research, focussed particularly on neural prostheses.

OUR VISION is to lead the world in the development of innovative bionic health solutions through research.


  • to research, innovate and deliver bionic technologies that improve human health

  • to undertake high quality research that spans the biological, physical, engineering and medical sciences to achieve clinically relevant outcomes, and train and inspire the next generation of researchers, and

  • to ensure our knowledge, technologies and skills provide an effective pathway from world class research to advancing the Australian medical bionics manufacturing industry

Medical bionics devices offer solutions to debilitating conditions where other treatments have not been successful.

They can replace impaired senses such as hearing or vision and treat neurological and psychiatric disorders including;

  • epilepsy

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • dystonia

  • essential tremor

  • severe depression

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

Effectively sharing information across projects is at the core of our approach, in spite of the diversity of these disorders.

We are;

  • establishing a framework where knowledge and technology are transferred from one project to another

  • strengthening our collaborations with key clinical and engineering partners

We believe this approach is unique in the field and will play an important role in growing the Institute. Our research by its very nature is a product of collaboration with clinicians and researchers across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

We are leaders in medical bionics research, focussed on tangible outcomes for the hundreds of thousands of current device users, and the ever increasing number of potential recipients, worldwide.

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Formerly the Bionic Ear Institute, in June 2011 we became the Bionics Institute to fully reflect the range of our medical bionics research.



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bio(logy) + (electro)nics =
Medical bionics
devices precisely engineered to work with the human body​
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