Clinical outcomes

The Bionics Institute is focused on delivering clinical outcomes and real-world applications in response to the health needs of the community, while providing fundamental knowledge to underpin new advances in medical bionics.

Our work strengthens the Australian economy through innovation and skills training for the next generation of researchers.

Our capabilities

The Institute has:

  • Proven experience in taking research concepts through to readiness for real-world product development

  • Experience working in multidisciplinary teams and in collaboration with other organisations spanning medical, science and engineering fields 

  • Industry partners

  • Expertise in neuroscience and electrophysiology research at both the in vitro and in vivo levels

  • Established infection control, biocompatibility and biological safety techniques which can be applied to all implant devices

  • Experience in important clinical research techniques including; signal processing, mathematical modelling, neurophysiology, behavioural performance measures for adults and children, and psychophysics

Our commercial arm

Bionic Enterprises was established in 2011 to provide the pathway for translating the Institute's neurobionics research program into real-world applications. Bionic Enterprises is committed to fast tracking development and reducing the cost of bringing new, safe and effective medical device products to the market within the next five years. These devices will treat a range of disabling neurological conditions including severe chronic pain, epilepsy and certain psychiatric and movement disorders.
The company is focused on devices that meet a clear clinical need and address a gap in the market. Most conditions are of relatively high incidence with 10-30% of sufferers poorly treated with existing treatments.

Our successes

The Institute has facilitated the formation of two companies in the last ten years:

    • Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd was spun off from the CRC for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation in 2002 and is now a successful sound processing technology company with about 25 employees.

    • In 2010 PolyActiva Pty Ltd was spun-off from Bionic Technologies Australia, a joint venture with CSIRO, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne), and the University of Wollongong, funded by a Victorian State Government Science, Technology, and Innovation grant.

      PolyActiva is developing a drug-polymer technology that delivers therapeutic drugs directly to the affected organ or treatment site.

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