Flexion testing bionic lead wires

Supervisors: A/Prof James Fallon, Mr Owen Burns

The leadwire assembly, the critical link between the implantable stimulator and the stimulating electrodes, is a potential weak point of any bionic device. Therefore, it is important that any leadwire assembly be appropriately tested during development including accelerated mechanical robustness testing. The Bionics Institute have been world leaders in such testing including for Australia’s first Bionic Eye.

This project will extend the Bionic Institutes custom designed cochlear implant and bionic eye leadwire testers by developing a general purpose bionic leadwire testing system. The ultimate outcome of this project will be a user friendly system that will perform customised accelerated flexion testing of bionic leadwires for implant specific locations.

This project will suit a student who is looking to do an Honors or Master’s (possibility to extend to a PhD) degree or equivalent in any of the following disciplines: biomedical science or biomedical or electrical and mechanical engineering.

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