Modelling gut movement for a bionic device

Supervisors: A/Prof James Fallon, Dr Sophie Payne, Mr Owen Burns

The Bionic Institute’s Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) device development program aims to create a feedback-controlled (i.e. closed-loop) neuromodulation system that will provide therapeutic benefits by regulating peripheral neural circuits in the gut. As part of this program a model of the movement of the human gut is required to allow evaluation of bionic leadwire systems designed to operate in the gut. This project will analyse human gut movement and develop an in vitro accelerated flexion test to evaluate effects of gut movement on implanted electrode and leadwire assemblies.

The ultimate outcome of this project will be a user friendly system that will perform accelerated flexion testing of bionic electrodes and leadwires for our ElectRx implant. This project will suit a student who is looking to do an Honors or Master’s (possibility to extend to a PhD) degree or equivalent in any of the following disciplines: biomedical science or biomedical or electrical and mechanical engineering.

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