Research Ethics Office

Animal Research and Ethics Committee (AREC)

The Bionics Institute Animal Research Ethics Committee (AREC) is a multi-disciplinary committee established in accordance with National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) requirements, the ‘Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes’ (8th edition, 2013) and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1986) and legislation.

For all research involving animals, ethical review is required and you must submit a full application to the AREC for approval. The research must not commence before ethical approval has been granted.

Failure to conduct research according to an AREC-approved study protocol risks researchers’ legal indemnity, right to publication, opportunity to seek future funding, and may constitute a breach of the ‘Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research‘ (the Code) or research misconduct as defined by the Code.

Please refer to the General Information and Procedures document for detailed information and/or AREC procedures on: role and membership of the AREC; application processes; fieldwork (field licences); consideration and review of applications; notification of decisions; AREC fees; accessing standard operating procedures; breeding applications; annual reporting; protocol amendments and modifications; final reporting; adverse incidents; breach of protocol; withdrawal or suspension of approval; appealing decsions of the AREC; conflicts of interest; and AREC meeting record keeping.

Applications to the AREC

To submit an application, download and complete the appropriate forms (see table below). All submissions are to be submitted electronically to

Before your submission, please note the following requirements.

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must be an experienced researcher who is suitably qualified and able to take responsibility for all aspects of the proposed study (research higher degree students may not be a PI on an ethics application)
  • The PI must sign all correspondence
  • Applications must be complete: incomplete applications will be returned to the PI
  • Applications must be submitted by the closing date (according to meeting schedule, see below)
  • Researchers are encouraged to attend the committee meeting to speak to their application
  • An invitation is sent to the PI advising when their application will be considered

(*Note: if prompted for ‘log in’ information when opening forms, simply click cancel. Save the document to your computer to complete the form.)

Forms* and documentation   ​AREC Requirements

BI AREC Project Application Form

1 electronic copy

Researcher’s Declaration Form(for all researchers for every project)​

1 electronic copy

Personnel Approval Form(new researcher)​​

(only needs to be submitted once)

​​With a new application, 1 electronic copy + CV

For an approved project, CV

Breeding Application Form

​1 original

Project Modification Form

​1 electronic copy

Adverse Event Report Form

​1 electronic copy

Breach of Protocol Form

​1 electronic copy

Annual Report Self Audit Checklist

BRC AREC Inspection Checklist

​1 electronic copy

1 electronic copy

Final Report

​1 electronic copy


2019 AREC Meetings 
(9am – 12 pm)
​Tuesday 26 February 2019
deadline for applications – Tuesday 5 February
Tuesday 28 May 2019
deadline for applications – Monday 13 May
Tuesday 27 August 2019
deadline for applications – Monday 12 August
Tuesday 26 November 2019
deadline for applications – Monday 11 November


Contact the Research Ethics Office​​
Phone: 9929 8525​

Available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

General Information and Procedures

AREC Terms of Reference

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (Principal Investigators should first contact the Research Ethics Office; refer to the general General Information and Procedures information and procedures document for full details)

Current SOP versions

SOP003, BI_v2.0 Aug 2018
SOP007, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP010, BI_2.1 Nov 2018
SOP011, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP012, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP013, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP014, BI_2.1 Feb 2019
SOP015, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP017, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP018, BI_2.0 Aug 2018
SOP019, v2.0 May 2018
SOP020, v2.0 May 2018
SOP021, v2.0 May 2018
SOP022, v2.0 May 2018
SOP023, v2.0 May 2018
SOP024, v2.0 May 2018
SOP025, v2.0 May 2018
SOP026, v2.0 May 2018
SOP027, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP028, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP029, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP030, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP031, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP032, BI_1.0 Aug 2018
SOP033, BI_1.0 Dec 2018
SOP034, BI_1.0 Nov 2018
SOP035, BI_1.0 Nov 2018
SOP036, BI_1.0 Nov 2018


Apply to commercially funded and initiated studies

Application fee: $400

Amendment fee: $69

Cheques are to be addressed to: The Bionics Institute,
384-388 Albert Street,
East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002

(with accompanying documentation quoting the invoice number)

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