A/Prof Adam Vogel

BA (Psych), MSc (SpPth), PhD

A/Prof Adam Vogel

Adam Vogel PhD leads the Centre for Neuroscience of Speech at The University of Melbourne where his team work towards improving speech, language and swallowing function in people with progressive and acquired neurological conditions. He is a recipient of an NHMRC Dementia Fellowship, an Associate Professorship in the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology at The University of Melbourne and is a Humboldt Fellow at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Tübingen Germany.

He holds PhD in behavioural neuroscience from The University of Melbourne and degrees in psychology and speech science from the University of Queensland. He is an honorary speech therapist at Great Ormond Street Hospital London, where he undertook his early clinical training and continues to work as consultant speech pathologist for the Friedreich Ataxia Clinic in Melbourne. His group have strategic clinical research alliances with the Eastern Cognitive Disorders Clinic, the Calvary Health Service Bethlehem, the Neuropsychiatry Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University Hospital Tübingen, Germany. Adam’s work has been recognised through awards from the Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation (Young Researcher of the Year), and the Young Tall Poppy Science Award from the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.

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