Ms Alicia Carabali (Oticon Scholarship) – Bionics Institute

Ms Alicia Carabali (Oticon Scholarship)

PhD Researcher BEng, MBioMedEng

Ms Alicia Carabali (Oticon Scholarship)

Alicia received her Bachelor in Electronics and Control Engineer  (2011) and her Masters in Biomedical Engineering in Ecuador. During this time she was presented with awards for her performance and was part of two research groups, the first one relating to advanced computing for EEG interpretation and the second group related to brain signal analysis where she developed her thesis in EEG source analysis.

Alicia then worked as a full-time lecturer at an Ecuadorian University for three years and completed research in the areas of medical devices, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and signal processing.

In February 2018 Alicia commenced her PhD studies at the Bionics Institute where her research will focus on the measuring of listening effort in patients using auditive aids such as Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems and Cochlear Implants.


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