​Auditory Neuroscience Workshop – Bionics Institute

​Auditory Neuroscience Workshop

Delegates at the recent 8th Australasian Auditory Neuroscience Workshop held on the Gold Coast (January 28th – 29th, 2012).

The Australasian Auditory Neuroscience Network Workshop held on the Gold Coast recently (January 28th – 29th) is a regular satellite meeting of the annual Australian Neuroscience Society meeting. This year it was organised by Drs Lisa Pettingill and James Fallon from the Bionics Institute.

The torrential rain and stormy seas that raged outside did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the more than 40 participants, including more than a dozen young students and post-docs who presented their current cutting-edge work. A principal aim of the workshop is to encourage these young researchers by providing them with a forum to present their work and to engage with more senior members of the auditory neuroscience community.

Professor Jim Pickles, a founding member of the workshop series, gave the keynote address during which he reminisced about his role in the discovery of tip-links (the tiny connections on the tips of the sensory hair cells in the cochlea).

After an exciting, but exhausting, day of scientific discourse that encompassed basic science, translational research and clinical application, everyone enjoyed a chance to socialise while marvelling at the auditory spectacle provided by the pouring rain and pounding waves.
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