Taking a revolutionary idea and turning it into a medical device takes state-of-the-art equipment, years of research and development, and of course funds.

There are many types of equipment used by our scientists and engineers, including surgical microscopes, fumehoods, ultra-low freezers and digital slide scanners.

This appeal is focused on funds towards a confocal microscope, which costs $750,000.

With a normal microscope you see a thin section of tissue. This would be a tiny snapshot of the tissue as a whole. To see more with normal microscopy you need to look at multiple thin sections and try to reconstitute the 3D structure which is time consuming and still misses a lot of information.

Confocal microscopy allows you to capture information from a thick section as it scans through the section and takes sharp images as it goes. It lets you see how cells interact with each other in 3D space.

This piece of equipment is essential for histology work and can be used across all research areas of the Institute. Histology is a crucial component of preclinical research, allowing us to visualise and assess the effects of the device on surrounding tissue.

Can you assist so that our dedicated team have the right equipment to deliver results and assist Australian's faster?

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