Epilepsy can prevent people from enjoying the things the rest of us take for granted – swimming, driving, even holding down a job, as seizures can strike at any time. Epileptic seizures are unpredictable and can vary from brief ‘absences’ to convulsions and loss of consciousness.

Physicians still face challenges in diagnosing, treating, and managing this condition. At the Bionics Institute we have made progress in how we tackle these challenges with our novel Minder™ device that will transform the clinical management of epilepsy. Read more about our research here.

The first clinical trial has commenced to determine the safety of the epilepsy Minder™ device, however broader clinical trials are crucial to understand and expand the real-world applications of this device. Minder™ will improve the diagnosis and management of epilepsy and seizure-related conditions, and change the way people think about options and treatments for good!

Your support is a crucial part of our aims to expand the clinical trials of the Minder™ device.

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