Boris is currently a senior digital signal processing engineer with the Bionics Institute and is currently working on novel technologies to aid the diagnosis of hearing and speech difficulties in young children. The relevant technology involves the measurement of a number of physiological signals including EEG, ECG and fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) and the subsequent translation & processing of this information into actionable and relevant clinical outcomes.

Boris is an experienced engineer and scientist who has delivered outcomes in the high-tech space in the Australian, US and European markets (10+ years experience) in a number of industries including: energy/utilities, automotive, IoT, government, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, transport and medical. He also has experience with building up data science teams from scratch and being part of successful tech companies that achieve profitability/ROI, high-value IPOs and acquisitions.

Boris’ recent experience includes :

  • data science lead / technical director with GHD Digital (global professional services company, ~2 billion AUD revenue) ; responsible for delivery of analytics solutions in the areas of energy & resources, transport, environment, water and property
  • lead data scientist with Intelematics (Intelematics is a leading provider of real-time traffic and automotive data analytics services in Australia and US & EU, supplying Google, Toyota, Ford, BMW etc)
  • lead data scientist with BuildingIQ (venture-backed by Siemens and Schneider Electric, US- and AUS-based) leading the development of big data machine learning algorithms for energy usage optimization in large-scale commercial buildings
  • bio-statistician (in pharmaceutical industry with Calimmune, spinoff from The California Institute of Technology) where I worked on optimising therapy delivery to patients with HIV/AIDS
  • private consultant in data science, data engineering, statistical methods and digital signal processing

Boris holds a PhD in mathematical optimization from UNSW and also a BE (Hons 1) from UNSW in electrical/computer engineering.

E: [email protected]

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