Mikhail completed a Master of Science in Physics (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, 2001) and a PhD in Biophysics (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2006). As part of a PhD project he developed an optical trapping based single-molecule technique to address fundamental problems of processivity and force generation of Eg5 motor proteins of the kinesin family that are involved in mitotic spindle formation. It was shown in optical trapping experiments that full-length Eg5 moves processively and stepwise along microtubule bundles. The study provides insight into the native tetramer and also provides essential input for a quantitative model for mitotic spindle assembly and function.

Following his PhD, Mikhail started his industrial career at R&D department in a semiconductor industry at ASML, and continued for ten years in a hearing aid component industry at Sonion.

Mikhail is an accomplished Product Development Engineer with substantial experience serving in strategically important roles to inspire cross-functional teams and create innovative new products. He has substantial experience in R&D, LEAN product development, risk assessment and FMEA, and complex project management, where he consistently has delivered product solutions. He is a committed leader with experience interfacing with senior management and working in international, multi-cultural settings, providing technical direction and applying a pragmatic approach to opportunities and challenges.

At the Bionics Institute, Mikhail is a Senior Engineering Project Manager and is responsible for development and delivery of the EarGenie™  medical device, an innovative system for personalised management of hearing impairment for life-long benefits.

E: [email protected]

Research Projects

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