Michael Warburton is a PhD candidate working at RMIT University and the Bionics Institute on the pre-clinical validation of a unique neural signal (ERNA) discovered in the brain of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Under the supervision of Dr Arman Ahnood (RMIT), Dr Joel Villalobos (Bionics Institute), Dr Tomoko Hyakumura (Bionics Institute) and Dr Beth Jelfs (RMIT), Michael’s research focuses on characterising the properties of ERNA and assessing its feasibility as feedback signal for the development of an adaptive deep brain stimulation system.

Michael received his BEng.(Hon) Biomedical from RMIT University in 2019 and shortly after undertook a graduate role as a Service Engineer with Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering before beginning his PhD in 2020.

E: [email protected]

Research projects

Pre-clinical validation (ERNA signal)

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