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About us

Medical bionics is an exciting area where biology, medicine and engineering intersect. It demands people with an innovative and pioneering approach. For this reason, we bring together multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and clinicians who are highly skilled and passionate about making a difference. Our people share a common goal of improving the lives of people with chronic and debilitating conditions.

We attract the very best talent from around the globe. Our scientists understand the physiology of how nerves respond to electrical stimulation, which forms the basis of bionic technologies. They work together with mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and biomedical engineers to develop safe designs for bionic devices. Clinicians advise and collaborate with them at every step of the process.

In addition to strong partnerships with clinicians, we have forged vital relationships with patient care and advocacy groups as well as individual patients. These strong links between research, clinicians, patients and community groups are critical for the successful development of new devices and treatments.

Our people have made significant contributions to scientific discovery and translation over many years. Their determination and passion continue to ensure the Bionics Institute is at the international forefront of medical bionics research.

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