Long-Term Bio-Data Collection and Processing for Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Conditions such as Epilepsy

We are developing tools for long-term biomedical recordings for better diagnosis and management of Epilepsy and other neurological conditions. Currently diagnosis is heavily reliant on patient self-reporting. More objective measures and consistent long-term monitoring are essential. Clinical recordings are mostly conducted for no longer than 7 days and require hospitalisation, this can be significantly improved by implantable technology currently being developed at the Bionics Institute. You will have a unique opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who developed the cochlear implant, access Bionics Institute R&D state of the art facilities and clinical experts.

Suitable background of students: Engineer graduate; Matlab skills

Required skills: Familiarity with the current state of implantable devices such as the Cochlear implant; Excellent grasp of at least one established software development platform.

Supervisor: Dr Yuri Benovitski

For all student queries email: [email protected]