Remembering the Bionics Institute in your will is a practical way of making a difference in people’s lives. All bequests contribute to our important biomedical research and will help support research projects, laboratory equipment purchases, research fellowships and student scholarships.

A bequest can be a gift of cash, property, or investments. It can be a nominated amount, a percentage of your property, or the residue after all your other gifts, taxes and debts have been fulfilled.

For more information download the bequest brochure.

"I have included a bequest in my will with the hope of bringing joy to many more deaf children in years to come.”

- Betty

How to make a bequest in your will to the Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute can give suggestions of specific research programs to be supported, however we would prefer a bequest to the general purposes of the Institute, as a specific research program may not be current at the time that your will operates.

A bequest needs to be carefully drawn to comply with legal requirements. It is advisable to seek assistance from a solicitor; please download suggested wording for your will.

Adding a codicil to your will

If you already have a Will you can still support the Bionics Institute by adding a codicil. Your solicitor or legal advisor will assist you to complete a codicil form; please download suggested wording for your codicil.

Keep in touch

If you are considering supporting the Bionics Institute with a bequest, we encourage you to contact us on 03 9667 7500. Should you wish your bequest to remain anonymous, we will respect this, and acknowledge your contribution privately.

Memorial gifts

A gift in lieu of flowers at a funeral of a family member, friend or colleague, is a special way to honour their memory. Some supporters also make an annual memorial gift on the anniversary or birthday of the loved one they wish to commemorate.

If you wish to encourage memorial gifts at a funeral, a family member or your funeral director please contact our Head of Marketing & Philanthropy on 03 9667 7537 to arrange personalised memorial donation forms and envelopes.

We acknowledge all memorial gifts by sending a thank you receipt letter. An acknowledgement letter will be forwarded to the bereaved family advising them that you have given a memorial gift (no dollar amount is mentioned).