Deputy Director awarded top science prize – Bionics Institute

Deputy Director awarded top science prize

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Professor Blamey and fellow recipients of the Clunies Ross 2012 award join a select group of past winners, including: Professor Ian Frazer, inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine; Nobel laureate Dr Barry Marshall, who discovered the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers; and Dr Fiona Wood, inventor of spray-on skin.


Link to ATSE video featuring Peter and his innovative research (password: atse).

Professor Peter Blamey was recognised for his international contribution to hearing science, and in particular to hearing aid design and the cochlear implant, at an award ceremony held in Sydney last week (14th June). The gala evening was attended by over 500 leading representatives from science, government and industry.
Professor Blamey was one of four scientists and engineers recognised by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), receiving the Clunies Ross award which celebrates an outstanding achievement in the application of science and technology.
During his acceptance speech, Peter acknowledged that while there was sufficient neonatal screening of hearing loss and fitting of hearing aids for infants, and also within older age groups, he felt there was little acknowledgement of the impact that hearing loss has on the adult Australian community.
Professor Blamey said, “Even though hearing loss costs the Australian community in excess of $11.9 billion per annum less than 25 per cent of people with significant hearing loss use hearing aids. The health benefits of greater hearing aid use would be even more important than economic ones. Hearing loss is associated with depression, unemployment, and other health and wellness issues.”
Professor Blamey went on to say, “My recent research at the Bionics Institute with Dr Diane Lazard has shown that auditory processing abilities start to deteriorate with moderate hearing loss and accelerate as hearing loss becomes severe. The deterioration is reduced by wearing hearing aids”.
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