CEO’s welcome – Bionics Institute

CEO’s welcome

​Welcome to the Bionics Institute.

We are passionate about changing lives through the development of medical bionic technologies.

We were founded by Professor Graeme Clark, who developed the world-first bionic ear here in Melbourne. We are a world-renowned centre of hearing research and we are part of the team that developed Australia’s first bionic eye. We also have projects underway to help people with debilitating conditions including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

We are an independent medical research institute affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Our three major research themes are:

  • Bionic Hearing – research centred around the development of improved solutions for adults and children with hearing impairments, including new technologies for use in cochlear implants and hearing aids, and the development of novel drug delivery strategies to the inner ear

  • Bionic Vision – the development of a retinal prosthesis (bionic eye) for patients with severe blindness, and an implant to halt retinal degeneration

  • Neurobionics – the development of implantable devices for the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system disorders such as treatment-resistant epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease

We are passionate about multidisciplinary research and product development that leads to clinical outcomes that improve lives.  Many of our staff have successfully taken a concept through to clinical application. We also have a great network of very talented collaborators covering clinical research, engineering and the sciences. These activities and outcomes are underpinned by the Institute’s extensive expertise in project management.

Our other passion is the training and mentoring of the next generation of scientists, engineers, and clinicians working in this exciting field.  If you see opportunities for collaboration please contact us.

OUR VISION is to lead the world in innovative bionic health solutions through research and development

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