Dr Boris Savkovic (June 2019 – current)

Dr Savkovic is a Senior Digital Signal Processing Engineer / Senior Data Scientist, working on the EarGenie™ project, which aims to provide an accurate and detailed hearing assessment for infants and young children so that appropriate hearing devices can be selected and fitted.

After graduating from the University of NSW with a Degree in electrical/computer engineering and PhD in applied math, Boris has worked for over 10 years in Industry, developing and deploying engineering products throughout Australia, USA and Europe.

Boris chose to work at the Bionics Institute as he finds it very exciting to work on emerging and early-stage technologies with the possibility of bringing the R&D out of the lab and into a commercial reality. Boris enjoys the opportunity to work on medical and mathematical problems while creating things that will make a difference to the quality of people’s lives; in the case of EarGenie™, making a difference in the lives of young children.

Boris appreciates the multi-disciplinary nature of work at the Institute, where we bring clinical, research, software, medical and business elements together and as he explains “It is extremely tough to bring and synchronise all these areas towards a common focus; many translation projects fail because they cannot align all these elements”. Boris finds it challenging and rewarding to be able to contribute, lead and drive a real change in bringing synchrony to all these disparate threads and see a real and commercially-relevant product emerge over time.

"Working at the Bionics Institute is not just about working at the cutting edge of biotechnology but it’s also about a real drive to make a difference in people’s lives with these life-changing technologies that are being developed at the Institute. This core value, of being driven and passionate to make a real difference, permeates every aspect of the life and work within the Institute. That’s what makes the Bionics Institute a true leader in its field, not just within Australia but also on the global stage. It’s also what makes it a great place to grow professionally and personally".
Dr Boris Savkovic