The Bionics Institute offers a fully integrated, ISO9001 certified active implantable design and development service. For over 30 years we have been developing innovative products from idea, through pre-clinical development, to first in human trials. Our facilities include state of the art engineering, fabrication, and electronics laboratories all based in a major hospital with close ties to world leading clinicians. Combined with our comprehensive pre-clinical research laboratories we offer services from initial design and consulting to a complete research and development package. We offer solutions for:

  • Researchers
    • Custom pre-clinical electrodes designed specifically for you and your research target (from mouse to large animal)
    • Matched stimulation and recording systems tailored to your research
    • Rapid iteration and implementations of design changes
    • Pathway to first-in-human trials
  • Startups and spin-outs
    • Integration of your IP
    • Development from idea, through pre-clinical trials and first-in-human
    • Co-development of implant, externals, electronics and software
    • Close contacts to leading clinicians to help rapidly develop your idea
  • Commercial customers
    • Development of blue-sky research
    • Outsourced R&D
    • Access to Australia’s accelerated first-in-human trials

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