Cynthia McLarty

Cynthia McLarty is due to celebrate her 50th birthday on 30th September 2020 and she would like to commemorate this milestone by giving back to the community and to help raise funds for the Bionics Institute's infant hearing research program.

Cynthia's son Sam was born profoundly deaf and at fourteen months of age was one of the youngest children in Victoria to receive a cochlear implant. 

After Sam’s diagnosis at nine-months old, Cynthia and her husband Deane spent a huge amount of time and energy researching cochlear implants. At the time they worried and wondered if they were making the right decision.

 “Sam caught up with other kids and was speaking normally by the age of four with the help of his cochlear implant,” said Cynthia.  “We tell other parents that we don’t regret it – it was the best thing for Sam. We are so grateful to the Bionics Institute for enabling Sam to talk and live a full, normal life.”

Due to current Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, Cynthia is going to run 50kms over the course of 2 days and will donate all the proceeds she raises back to the Institute's Infant Hearing Research Team. 

Cynthia McLarty