ADEPT (Assisted Determination of Electrode Position and Therapy) is a system that will greatly improve both surgery and outcomes for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

ADEPT is used during Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to guide accurate implantation of electrodes and to guide settings to use for chronic therapy. This includes enabling surgery to be performed under general anaesthesia.

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Further information

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Research team

Program leader: Prof Hugh McDermott

Team members: Dr Wesley ThevathasanMr Nicholas Sinclair, Dr Thushara Perera, A/Prof James Fallon, Dr Joel Villalobos, Dr Tomoko Hyakumara, Dr Jonathon Miegel, Dr Kiaran Lawson, Mr Angus Begg 

PhD researcher: Dr San San Xu

Collaborators: Mr Kristian Bullus, Dr Paul Minty (Deep Brain Stimulation Technologies Pty Ltd)