Dr. Mikhail Korneev is a Senior Engineering Project Manager at the Bionics Institute. He has a background as an engineer-physicist (MSc, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and in biophysics (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Following his PhD, Mikhail started his industrial career at R&D department in a semiconductor industry at ASML and continued for a decade in a hearing aid component manufacturing industry at Sonion.

Mikhail is an accomplished Product Development Engineer and has substantial experience in R&D, LEAN product development, risk assessment, FMEA, and complex project management, all in compliance with ISO standardisation. He consistently has delivered product solutions.

At the Bionics Institute, Mikhail’s main goal is translational research and development with focus on delivering projects and programs from a research idea to a product solution. He brings experience of industrial LEAN development and manufacturing in compliance with QMS within ISO: 9001.

His primary interest and responsibility are development and delivery of the EarGenie™ medical device, an innovative system for personalised management of hearing impairment for life-long benefits.

Another major program he is responsible for is a Hearing Nanotherapeutics program. It includes development of a drug delivery system based on neurotrophin protein and nanotechnologies to engineer particle carriers. The protein-carrier system can deliver protein to the inner ear where protein can protect degeneration of inner ear sensory cells.

E: [email protected]

ORCID: 0000-0002-3285-3150

Research Projects

Infant hearing

Restoring hearing