John Bryson has over 35 years’ experience in the finance industry. He was an Equity Owner/Director of JB Were and had various senior executive roles including Group General Manager, Group Retail Manager and Director Corporate Finance. Since 2003 he has been an active Board member of listed and unlisted companies, CEO of a large charitable foundation and undertaken a number of consulting roles.

John is also a Non-Executive Director of First Samuel Limited. John was previously Non-Executive Director of Praemium Ltd and Choisuel Limited

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"As one of the longest serving Board members of the Bionics institute it has been a great pleasure to contribute to is progress over many years. Although a small medical institute, compare with other Institutes worldwide, it has consistently punched well “above its weight” by maintaining a singular focus in its area of expertise. This is particularly instructive at a time when large and broad has been the trend in medical institutes. 

Through the Board we have endeavoured to maintained a balance perspective of providing professional rigour and guidance at the business and governance level and at the same time allowing the institute the freedom to singularly focus on what it is trying to achieve - improving peoples lives by applying a multidisciplinary scientific approach to its research and clinical solutions. Although this approach is now a common and much talked about concept, it is easy to forget 36 years ago when the Institute was established it was far from an accepted practice in medical research.

Retaining the highest standards of research, ethics and financial discipline has always been the aim of the Institute and its Board. A standard set by Professor Graeme Clark from the Institutes inception in 1983 and maintained by the Directors of the Institute since. The thought of being a small contributor to the evolution and growth by contributing at the Board and committee levels over these many years has provided enjoyment and rewards for me which are not possible to achieve in a more commercially focussed environment."

- John Bryson