Yutian Ma (2016 - current)

Before commencing his PhD studies at the Bionics Institute in 2016, Yutian completed a Bachelor of Engineering at Tianjin University, China, and a Master of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Yutian’s doctoral research, due for completion in 2020, is titled Nanoengineered Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Inner Ear Disease which is focussed on protecting hearing using nanoengineered drug delivery systems. Yutian is funded by the Robert Bulley PhD Scholarship and would like to acknowledge and thank the Robert Bulley Charitable Fund.

Yutian is interested in developing a nanoengineered drug delivery system, biomaterials and investigating bio-nano interactions. For Yutian, the Bionics Institute was a natural fit, with the existing research, advanced instruments, and experts in this area.

Yutian’s ambition is to become a successful research scientist in the area of nanomedicine and continue working in this area.

“Being a student at the Bionics Institute has enabled me to work in a friendly and supportive environment whilst developing my knowledge and skills. I appreciate the mentorship provided to me by my supervisors.”

Yutian Ma