Ms Emily Jeffreys (2019 – current)

Ms Jeffreys joined the Bionics Institute in January 2019 as a Research Audiologist. Emily came to the Institute after working as an Audiologist in both the private and public sectors, doing audiological rehabilitation with adults and infant diagnostics.

Prior to working as an Audiologist, Emily completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine and Master of Clinical Audiology, both at Melbourne University; Emily was always orientated to the sciences and knew she wanted to work in health care. Emily is excited that now she gets to combine the best of both, using her clinical skills when testing participants for the EarGenie™ project in addition to putting on her “science thinking cap”.

The Bionics Institute, being the birthplace of the cochlear implant, is highly regarded worldwide, especially in the hearing industry. Emily could not pass up the opportunity to join the EarGenie™ project. Emily finds it rewarding being part of a team creating a new device that will be used by Audiologists around the globe, and improve the outcomes of infants with hearing loss. When EarGenie™ becomes commercially available, Emily is proud that she will be able to say “I helped develop that”.

Working in a multidisciplinary team and with people from such different work and cultural backgrounds is part of the role that Emily enjoys. Engineers, hardware and software developers, PhD students, masters students... all bringing different ideas and views to the project makes for a stimulating workplace.

“I am really hoping we will see EarGenie™ become a commercial product in the next couple of years. I really do believe it will improve the lives and outcomes of children with hearing impairments, so I am very passionate to see the project come to fruition.”  - Ms Emily Jeffreys