The Bionics Institute, in conjunction with its collaborators at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne and the University of Melbourne is excited to announce the launch of a new Australian venture to develop a breakthrough monitoring device aiming to improve management of epilepsy and seizure-related conditions – Minder ™.

The successful venture with an initial A$3.65 million investment from Cochlear Ltd and other Australian investors is a culmination of a decade of research and development into improving outcomes for Epilepsy sufferers and has been led by Prof Mark Cook, Neurologist at St Vincent’s hospital and Chair of Medicine at the University of Melbourne and A/Prof Chris Williams from the Bionics Institute.

Over 250,000 Australians are currently living with epilepsy, which is the most common brain disorder worldwide and can affect people at any stage of their lives. Minder™ is a minimally-invasive device for long-term monitoring of brain seizures which will allow patients to go about their daily lives while providing the clinician with personalised detailed data on their seizure activity. We believe this will lead to more effective treatments and to provide greater independence to those living with epilepsy. Future generations of the device could include seizure detection and warnings of impending seizure events.