Have you heard about all the recent hype of Laurel vs Yanny?

The reason this soundbite has become so popular so quickly is because it really brings to light how much of our everyday experience of the world is totally made up by your brain! We think that what we see and hear is exactly what is out there in the real world, but the truth is, our brains are filling in details all the time, and this sound is a great example of this phenomenon at work. Depending on your hearing, the language that you first learnt, and even your memories, you might hear this same sound in a totally different way to someone else listening to the exact same sound.

Some of the reports have also shown how manipulating the sound can change what you hear from Laurel to Yanny. If your hearing is slightly damaged by noise exposure or age, the higher frequencies tend to be the first to go. Dr Hamish Innes-Brown, Research Fellow exclaimed ” If (like me!) you hear Laurel all the time, it might be a good wake-up call to look after your hearing!”Chief Technology officer, Prof Hugh McDermott also weighed in on the debate as explained in this article by The Guardian