Cochlear implants offer the only hearing solution for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This project is designed to contribute to the next generation of cochlear implants through the development of improved electrodes and modes of stimulation.

We aim to establish safe stimulation limits specifically for cochlear implants using chronic electrical stimulation. The project will use clinical implants and electrode fabrication technology to manufacture customized electrode arrays with carefully defined surfaces as small as 0.05 mm2.

We hypothesise that safe stimulation levels will be significantly greater than the present levels defined by acute studies. If this hypothesis is correct the next generation of cochlear implants could include smaller electrodes and new stimulation strategies leading to improved clinical outcomes for cochlear implant users.

Further information

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Research team

Program leader: Prof Rob Shepherd

Team members: A/Prof James Fallon, A/Prof Andrew Wise, Prof Paul Carter (Cochlear Ltd)