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Dr Maureen Shader

Research Fellow AuD (Clinical Audiology), PhD

Dr Maureen Shader

Dr Maureen Shader is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute. She holds an AuD (Clinical Audiology, 2013) from Gallaudet University and a PhD (Hearing and Speech Science, 2019) from the University of Maryland College Park. Her PhD research investigated the impact of aging on the perception of sound and speech in adult cochlear implant users.

She joined the Bionics Institute in 2019 to work in the Translational Hearing Research team. Her current project aims to address the poor outcomes of a proportion of new cochlear implant users, by developing appropriate diagnostic tests and piloting novel sound processing strategies that are matched with the individual diagnoses.

Research Projects:

Understanding cochlear implants

Student Projects: 

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