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Dr Michael Eager

Senior Research Engineer BSc (Physiology) Monash Uni; BEng (Honours) Monash Uni; PhD (Melbourne University)

Dr Michael Eager

Dr Michael Eager completed a Bachelor of Science (Physiology) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Science, with honours) in 2003 at Monash University. He undertook his doctoral research at the Bionic Ear Institute, designing an innovative and bio-physically realistic neural model of the cochlear nucleus (auditory brainstem).  In 2013, he received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Melbourne.  Michael’s main interests include scientific computation and biomedical engineering.

Previously, Michael has worked in a range of research software development roles in leading research platforms. In 2016, he joined a group of world-leading researchers at the Elmlund Lab in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in processing cryogenic electron microscopy images of single-particle proteins.

In 2012 he joined Monash Biomedical Imaging and the Monash eResearch Centre to provide high-performance computing and high-throughput image processing support in a number of projects. These include developing a multi-modal kidney imaging analysis tool for processing images from the Australian Synchrotron, the Agilent 9.4T ultra-high MRI and state-of-the-art histological images.

At the Bionics Institute, Michael is a Senior Research Engineer and is responsible for development and delivery of the EarGenie medical device, an innovative system for personalised management of hearing impairment in infants.

Research fields of interest

Computational algorithms and signal processing

Development of improved brain-computer interfaces

Selected Publications

Reboul C.F., Kiesewetter S., ​ Eager M​ ., Belousoff M., Cui T., and De Sterck H., Elmlund D. and Elmlund H., ​ Rapid near-atomic resolution single-particle 3D reconstruction with SIMPLE, Journal of Structural Biology, ​ doi:10.1016/j.jsb.2018.08.005​ , 2018.

Reboul C. F., ​ Eager M.​ , Elmlund D. and Elmlund H., ​ Single – particle cryo – EM—Improved ab initio 3D reconstruction with SIMPLE/PRIME. Protein Science, 27: 51-61. ​ doi:10.1002/pro.3266​ , 2018.

Maller J.J., Thomson R.H.​ , Ng A., Mann C., ​ Eager M.A.​ (and 7 others), Brain morphometry in blind and sighted subjects, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 33: 89-95, doi:/10.1016/j.jocn.2016.01.040​ , 2016.

See more publications by Michael Eager in ResearchGate, Google Scholar and GitHub.

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