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Ms Alexia Saunders

BASc (Hons),

Ms Alexia Saunders

Prior to joining the Bionics Institute Alexia completed a BASc (Hons) at Deakin University Geelong (2001).  After completing studies she commenced a Research Assistant role at Monash University,  Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(2002-2008).  The main focus of the position was the study of a naturally occurring four amino acid peptide with hypoglycemic activity.  As a result of the groups various cell based assays, protein/peptide assays and preclinical model work the peptide progressed through to phase I clinical trials.   In 2008-2010 she held the role of Scientific Officer at the Monash Antibody Technologies Facility.  She produced antibodies using an automated platform for research organisations.

Alexia commenced work at the Bionics Institute in 2010.  She worked in the preclinical group that developed a wide view retinal prosthesis.  The device was developed for use in patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa.  This work led to the completion of Australia’s first-in-human trial of a retinal prosthesis.  In 2018 Alexia returned to the Bionics Institute after taking a career break.  Her current role is working on the Epilepsy Monitoring project to progress a fully implantable Epilepsy Detection device through to phase I Clinical trials.

List of publications

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