Ms Ceara McGowan – Bionics Institute

Ms Ceara McGowan

Senior Research Assistant AssocDAppSc, BBiomedSc (Hons)

Ms Ceara McGowan

Ceara is a Senior Histologist/Research Assistant at the Bionics Institute, joining in 2011 to be involved on the Bionic Vision Australia ‘bionic eye‘ project. Following the successful completion of Australia’s first-in-human trial of retinal prosthesis, Ceara continues to be involved in safety studies of retinal prosthesis, while also expanding into the Neurobionics, Hearing and Inflammatory Bowel Disease projects and histology contract work. This involves working in collaboration with Anatomical Pathologists, Clinicians, Microbiologists and Engineers to ensure the safety of implantable devices before this technology goes to clinical trials.

Prior to joining Bionics Institute, Ceara completed AssocDAppSc-Animal Technology in 1998. After gaining extensive experience in the field, Ceara felt like she needed to expand her knowledge and skills, completing her BBiomedSc (Hons) in 2010.

Ceara enjoys sharing Bionics Institutes’ research through presentations to non-scientific community and school groups.

Selected publications:

  1. Abbott, Carla J., David A. X. Nayagam, Chi D. Luu, Stephanie B. Epp, Richard A. Williams, Cesar M. Salinas-LaRosa, Joel Villalobos, Ceara McGowan, Mohit N. Shivdasani, Owen Burns, Jason Leavens, Jonathan Yeoh, Alice A. Brandli, Patrick C. Thien, Jenny Zhou, Helen Feng, Chris E. Williams, Robert K. Shepherd, and Penelope J. Allen. 2018. Safety Studies for a 44-Channel Suprachoroidal Retinal Prosthesis: A Chronic Passive Study. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 59(3): 1410-1424. doi: 10.1167/iovs.17-23086
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