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Seeing through my bionic eye

Dr Dianne Ashworth was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa just after her son was born, at the age of twenty-four years of age. At that time, Dianne only had 10% vision and this decreased even further “until I could only see light and dark and a mass of swirls.”

More than 20 years later she was selected as one of the first recipients of Australia’s first prototype Bionic Eye. Dianne was able to navigate through obstacles using the prototype device and she was able to see the outline of people in front of her. “The phosphenes gave me an outline of him and I knew there was someone in front of me. It was just an amazing feeling,” she said.

Dianne is currently a lecturer at Deakin University and has written a book titled, “I spy with my Bionic Eye”. The book provides ‘insight’ as she shares her bionic vision experiences.

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