We have pioneered a sub-scalp implant - called MiTi: Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Implant - to enhance functional recovery after stroke. To be used as an adjunct to physiotherapy, this implant is designed to provide guided stimulation to re-activate brain and restore lost motor function.

No other devices are currently available that can provide tailored therapeutic stimulation for post-stroke recovery.

We have confirmed the effectiveness of MiTi in a small pilot study mimicking the acute stage of stroke, in collaboration with researchers from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and clinicians at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

To enable translation of our positive initial outcomes to an existing stroke population, we will need to test the effectiveness of this device at later (clinically-relevant) stages of stroke recovery in pre-clinical studies. We are currently testing that the implant is safe for long-term use and working on the final design of a human-grade prototype.

Further information

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Research team

Program leaders: A/Prof Chris Williams

Team members: Dr Matthew Petoe, Dr Tomoko Hyakumara, Mr Owen Burns, A/Prof Graeme Rathbone

Collaborators: A/Prof Michael Murphy (St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne), Dr Carli Roulston (Florey)