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Taking the message to Canberra

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(L-R) Professor Rob Shepherd (Bionics Institute Director), Senator Sue Boyce, A/Prof Dimity Dornan (Hear and Say Director), and Dr Samantha Lichter (Bionic Vision Australia).

On June 16th, Professor Rob Shepherd, along with representatives from Hear and Say Centre for Deaf Children and Bionic Vision Australia, participated in a ‘Human-Bionics Interface Frontiers’ mini-expo in Parliament House, Canberra.

Organised by A/Prof Dimity Dornan AO (Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say), the event aimed to inform federal MPs about medical bionics research, the impact of bionic technologies on people’s lives, and the potential for industry and the Australian economy.

The mini-expo included displays and experts presenting and discussing the latest innovations on behalf of their respective organisations. This event also coincided with the retirement of Senator Sue Boyce, a long-time disability advocate, who played a key role in the day’s proceedings.

“This event raised the profile of medical bionics research and brought a clear message to MPs that there are Australian institutions and organisations across a range of sectors working towards a common goal – to improve the health and well-being of Australians by innovative medical bionic technology and ensuring it reaches those in need”, said Professor Shepherd.

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