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Dr Joel Villalobos, Research Fellow

Joel is a biomedical engineer with experience in preclinical research in the medical bionics field.

As a research fellow, Joel’s work has focused on developing improved Deep Brain Stimulation implants for Parkinson’s disease therapy, as well as developing electrodes for a suprachoroidal Bionic Eye.

Joel completed his PhD (Melbourne) in 2012 on the safety evaluation of a suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis.

This work lead to a first-in-human clinical trial with the technology at the Bionics Institute.

Recently Joel started looking into the possibility of using peripheral nerve stimulation technology to treat type 2 Diabetes.

At the Bionics Institute Joel has been able to complement his interest in physiology with his formal background in Electronic Systems Engineering (cum laude, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico) to develop medical device technologies.

Prior to his PhD in biomedical engineering, Joel worked as an electronics design engineer and software developer in an engineering firm with clients in the automotive, manufacturing and building automation industries.

He has also worked in the construction industry where he fine-tuned his CAD skills and understanding of structural design.


Recent publications

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2. Payne, S. C., G. Ward, R. J. MacIsaac, T. Hyakumura, J. B. Fallon, and J. Villalobos. 2020. Differential effects of vagus nerve stimulation strategies on glycemia and pancreatic secretions. Physiological reports. 8(11): e14479. doi: 14814/phy2.14479. Full Text

3. Villalobos, J., H. J. McDermott, P. McNeill, A. Golod, V. Rathi, S. Bauquier, and J. B. Fallon. 2020. Slim electrodes for improved targeting in deep brain stimulation. Journal of Neural Engineering. 17: 026008. doi: 1088/1741-2552/ab7a51

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