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Therapeutic drug delivery

Drug Polymer Conjugate

From benchtop…

PolyActiva has developed a unique drug-polymer technology that can be used to produce new biomedical products and device components that enable delivery of drugs directly to the affected organ or treatment site.

High levels of therapeutic drugs can be delivered to targeted sites with low volumes, such as the eye, over an extended period of time of up to 90 days.

The polymer material represents a significant advance on current technology. Attributes include:

  • high ratio of drug per weight of polymer

  • controlled rate of drug release

  • erodes leaving no residue in the body.

A current application for the polymer is an eye implant for the treatment of bacterial endophthalmitis, an inflammatory reaction to eye infection.

Other applications include an infection control coating for any indwelling medical device, glaucoma treatment and wound dressing.

…to bedside                                                          

The initial research for this project was undertaken by Bionic                              

Technologies Australia – an R&D collaborative joint venture,

significantly funded by a Victorian State Government STI grant.

In 2011 Polyactiva was spun-off as an independent company through a venture capital investment, having previously been established by The Bionics Institute, CSIRO and the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA).

Several patents have been applied for and this drug-polymer technology is currently being developed for the market.

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