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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Frequently Asked Questions

A Will gives you the opportunity to say how you wish your estate to be divided among those who are important to you. After ensuring your loved ones will be cared for, this may include the Bionics Institute as a reflection of your passion, interest and support. Regardless of age, by having a Will you can ensure adequate planning for the future and peace of mind.

By not having a Will, you will be letting the state decide who should benefit from your estate. If you have a current and legal Will, it avoids delays, problems and extra expense at a challenging time. Making a Will is not expensive, but failing to make a Will can be costly.

People change their Wills for many reasons, particularly when their personal circumstances change. A minor change or addition can usually be made very quickly and simply, or a new Will may be written to ensure clarity of intention.

Often people feel that they do not have the means during their lifetime to help others as much as they would like to. It can be easy to underestimate the overall value of the assets that will eventually form part of your estate. This is particularly true if you own property, which may have increased in value over time.
By making a gift in your Will to the Bionics Institute, you can help support our life-changing work for generations to come – without affecting your independence and self-sufficiency today.

There are different ways of including a gift to the Bionics Institute in your Will. The type of gift that is right for you will depend on your personal and family circumstances. Your solicitor will be able to help you choose the best option for you.

– Residuary Gift; After making provision for family and loved ones, you can choose to leave all or part of the remainder of your estate (‘residue’) to the Bionics Institute of Australia.

– Set Amount; You can leave a specific sum of money. For money to keep its value over the years, you can ask your solicitor to index-link it.

– Percentage Gift; You can leave a nominated percentage of your entire estate.

– Whole of Estate; You can leave your entire estate to the Bionics Institute of Australia.

– Specific Item; You can leave specific items of value, such as property, art, or shares

Your Will needs to be carefully written to comply with legal requirements and to ensure your wishes are acted upon. It is advisable to seek assistance from a solicitor or an accredited Wills and estates specialist.

No, it is your choice if you would like the Bionics Institute to know about a gift that you left to us in your Will. However, if you have chosen to support us in this very generous and personal way, we would be delighted to hear from you so that we can say thank you, and ensure we understand the reason behind your gift and how you would like it to be used.