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Work With Us

Working at the Bionics Institute, a world leader in the development of medical devices, is both inspiring and rewarding.

Why work at the Bionics Institute?

The Bionics Institute is an internationally recognised, independent medical research institute. We innovate cutting-edge medical devices to solve medical challenges and transform lives. Our vision is to lead the development and translation of innovative medical devices.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises world-class scientists, engineers and researchers, and our laboratories are located at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, close to our clinical collaborators.

Together we transform the lives of people with a range of conditions, including hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohnʼs disease, Parkinsonʼs disease, epilepsy, stroke, arthritis and limb loss.

Our research is supported by our excellent capability providers in histology, pre-clinical research, data analytics and clinical research management.

The Bionics Institute is backed by a dedicated Board and professional research support team that supports every stage of research, development and translation from grants management to commercialisation and marketing.

Current Vacancies

Ingredients for success

At the Bionics Institute, we are looking for people who share our passion and enthusiasm and have a growth mindset.  

Flexibility, creativity, collegiality, a collaborative spirit, good problem-solving skills, innovation and agility – these are just some of the ingredients that we need for success.  

We aim to create the right conditions so that all staff can make an impact and succeed and, in turn, feel recognised and valued for their contribution to the organisation.

Watch this video to find out what our staff say about working at the Bionics Institute

Benefits of working with us

The benefits of working at the Bionics Institute include:

Collaborative and friendly environment with a team focused on making a difference to people’s lives, who enjoy coming to work because they value the inclusive environment and like the people that they work with.

Mentorship and support to innovate through the Bionics Incubator Fund.

Investment in people and facilities with plans for growth and expansion.

Track record of fast research translation from concept into clinical reality.

Work-life balance with start and finish time flexibility, encouragement to work from home and paid parental leave.

Rewards and recognition with salary packaging, staff incentive scheme and competitive salary within our sector.

A focus on community and social responsibility, including partnerships with schools and universities to inspire and develop the next generation of researchers.

To find out more, download the Working at the Bionics Institute brochure.

Our commitment to Inclusion and Diverstiy

Our inclusion and diversity framework, launched in 2024, solidifies our commitment to continue to create a safe and inclusive organisation that reflects the rich diversity and perspectives of the community we service.

The framework sets out practical actions to support us in addressing systematic barriers that disadvantage marginalised groups and is built around three key focus areas:

  • Inclusive culture
  • Unique talent
  • Different perspectives

Staff survey results

A recent staff survey powered by Culture Amp identified seven key areas that make the Bionics Institute a great place to work, with 95% of staff saying they are proud to work at the Institute.


In addition, 94% of staff said that they are able to arrange time out of work when they need it,


and 93% of staff strongly agreed that they have the autonomy they need to perform their jobs effectively.


Our Staff Engagement Score was 8% higher than all four benchmarks we compare against.

Fast translation of the research means I’ll be able to see the impact of our work on people in just a few years.

More information

To view new job opportunities, go to current vacancies. If you would like more information about working at the Bionics Institute, please contact:

The HR Team
[email protected]