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Our Research

We lead the world in the development and translation of technology to solve challenging medical conditions

Our Research Focus

Our world-class scientists, engineers and clinicians work together to create and develop medical devices and transform the lives of people around the world. Our research focuses on developing new therapies and diagnostic tools in six main areas.

Our Impact

The success of our research is marked by the creation of spin-off companies that ensure our research is translated into clinical outcomes. Investment in these companies will fund future research at the Bionics Institute.

Our Research Services

We have the expertise, facilities and clinical links to provide world class research services to researchers, clinicians and industry. This includes pre-clinical research services, histology research services, specialised clinical testing services; and comprehensive design, engineering and prototype manufacturing services.

Our Researchers

Our scientists, engineers and clinicians have decades of experience in developing life-changing medical devices. Our team have developed devices, ranging from Australia’s first cochlear implant and the bionic eye to the Epi-Minder device and enhanced deep brain stimulation technology.

Our Publications

To view the complete list of Bionics Institute scientific publications, go to our repository of science publications, including full text of journal articles.

Work with us

Working at the Bionics Institute, a world leader in the development of medical devices, is both inspiring and rewarding.

Study with us

Find out more about opportunities to study at the Bionics Institute.

Statement on the Ethical Use of Animals in Bionics Institute Research

For more information, email: [email protected]

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