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Case studies

Case study 1

Client type: Commercial neuroprostheses manufacturer

Delivered: In vivo testing of implantable device and/or device & pharmaceutical agent in 24 subjects over a 12 month period.

The services of the Bionics Institute Contract Research Division were requested to test the safety, feasibility, and histological and behavioural changes to subjects implanted with commercially available neuroprostheses.

Together, the Bionics Institute and the client developed and agreed upon an experimental design and workable timeline. The Bionics Institute promptly and effectively handled the administration, organisation, execution and analysis of the data within the timeline. The success of this study has led to further commercial work and collaboration with this client.

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Case study 2

Client type: Private investors and clinicians

Therapeutic area: Vision

Delivered: Rapid prototyping and design of a neuroprosthetic device with in vitro testing and accelerated aging.

The Bionics Institute was asked to rapidly produce several prototypes of ocular neuroprostheses to assess the overall safety of a variety of electrode parameters (e.g., electrode material, size, shape, charge density). Using these data, new and optimised electrodes were prototyped and subjected to accelerated aging for further analysis.

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Case study 3

Client type: ENT / vitreoretinal surgeon

Therapeutic area: Bionic eye implant surgery

Delivered: Custom surgical implantation tooling for Australia’s first bionic eye clinical trial.

In collaboration with our clinical partners, engineers at the Bionics Institute utilised rapid prototyping techniques to design, test and iterate tooling solutions for implantation of a retinal implant that would both maximise patient safety and device integrity. Following rigorous evaluation, the designs were approved by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in accordance with strictregulations for custom surgical tooling. Clinical grade tooling was fabricated by a reputable surgical tool manufacturer. The tooling developed was used in the implantation of three retinal implants leading to Australia’s first successful clinical trial of a bionic eye.

Bionics case study

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