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Our Research Services

We have the expertise, facilities and clinical links to provide world-class research services to researchers, clinicians and industry.

Pre-clinical research services

The Bionics Institute has extensive expertise and experience in a range of pre-clinical models and can provide diverse pre-clinical research services, including:

– Custom electrode development and stimulation strategies for optical and electrical stimulation

– Functional electrophysiology including chronic and acute recordings

– Pharmacokinetics

– Regenerative therapies

– Pre-clinical models of a range of conditions including inflammatory diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease), retinal degradation, diabetes, stroke, tinnitus and deafness

– Behavioural task training and neurological assessments

– Inner ear drug delivery techniques

– Pre-clinical cochlear implant models.

Our pre-clinical facilities include:

– Surgical facilities

– Extensive wet lab area (PC2, histology, tissue culture)

– Surgical microscopes

– Faraday booths

– Sound booth.

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The Bionics Institute can provide histology services for research and regulatory purposes, including:

– Tissue processing

– Microtome sectioning and whole mount dissections

– Routine and special staining for light microscopy

– Immunofluorescence staining (IFC)

– Microscopic imaging

– Image analysis.

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Specialised clinical testing facilities

Our clinical testing facilities include:

– Optical brain monitoring e.g. functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)

– Sound booths

– Audiometer

– Tympanometer

– Equipment for testing speech understanding

– 64-channel EEG measurement system

– Specialist psychophysics systems for acoustic hearing and cochlear implants.

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Engineering and prototype manufacturing

We offer design, engineering and prototype manufacturing services encompassing systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fabrication, pre-clinical and clinical testing.

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