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Participate in infant hearing research

Is your child under 24 months? You can help us to develop and new way to test hearing.

Ideally, we need a mix of babies who have hearing issues and babies with normal hearing.

We have developed a new, child-friendly hearing test called EarGenie® that uses light waves to measure hearing.


EarGenie® is a band wrapped around your baby’s head, which shines a gentle near-infrared light onto the head while they’re asleep to measure the brain’s response to sounds.

The research team needs your help to improve the first prototype and test the software needed to prepare EarGenie for use in audiology clinics, so that children born deaf are diagnosed and get the best care as early as possible.

Watch our 2 minute video on our EarGenie research

When and where do the tests take place?

We can arrange a test in our East Melbourne research centre at a time that suits you. Free parking is available, and you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

To register your interest in your baby participating in the study, please complete our registration form.

Further Information

Learn more about fNIRS in our free online learning module for parents/carers.

You can read more about our infant hearing research here.

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